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Completed works

Работа 2


Negotiations with a new customer


In the second half of August 2011, the negotiation process has started between the company "Asena" and poultry processing company brand "Maritime Poultry"

Our Equipment

Offered complete lines of poultry slaughter and processing consist of separate, independent, cooperating vehicles and equipment.
Our equipment differs from the rest by modern design, work reliability and service availability. Our equipment is designed in the way of easy establishing them on any line of processing.
Taking into account the further increases in productivity poultry processing enterprises, the company produces most of the facilities ASENA sectional or modular in order to continue to increase productivity of the line.
The modular design defines simplicity of the implementation of changes and extensions to the line without more expenses.
The company provides the opportunity to purchase ASENA equipment, erection and commissioning on the lines of other suppliers.